The kitchen is most important part of any home as the whole family congregates there to spend quality time. There are brand new kitchen trends in the year 2018 one should know about. Modern kitchens are designed in a way that cooking is enjoyable, and they add to the d├ęcor of the home. Follow this section closely to find about the latest kitchen trends.

Matte finish in kitchen appliances

Modern kitchen appliances carry matte-black finish, and it is highly recommended if you are upgrading your cooking zone. Whether it is small kitchen appliance or a bigger one, you may opt for the matte-black finish. Matte-black finishes have replaced stainless steel and chrome finish. You will notice that some dishwashers, fridges, and ovens carry the matte-black finish. Previously appliances were hidden from the sight, but now they make feature-statement.

The latest trends in kitchen floors

There was a time when the carpeted floor was popular but no more. Now we find the use of graphic tiles and marble in the kitchen. But, if you want to create a centerpiece and are looking for something artistic, you can opt for carpets in unique patterns and colorful threads. This is surely going to boost the appearance of your kitchen. The concrete floor is popular, and natural cork seems to have come back. Marmoleum is again a popular material, but it needs care and maintenance.

Kitchen designers prefer natural look even if the wall color is darker. A mix of black and grey color is popular among the designers. To give a personal touch, customize the kitchen space as per the needs.